Website Design And Hosting

E-way S&I Technologies provides Quality website design and reliable Green Hosting services that will support your business on the Internet by giving it the best coverage and audience

Quarity and Professional Website Design

E-way provides you or your business with professional and quality website design that will create more views, Traffic and audience for your business at fair and negotiable prices

You can Download/read our website design price and options Guide here

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E-way Hosting solutions

E-way is confident of having strong and well mantained Hosting servers hence providing quality and green web hosting, which are guaranteed at 99% full time up. e-way provides every user with a cpanel to be able to access and manage there hosting accounts if they wish to. however, eway can also manage your host account for you.

see hosting guide by Downloading/reading this hosting guide

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Our customer’s feedback

“Eway has provided quality and highly functional website services that have helped in the marketting and advertising of our services.

Eway has had capacity to adapt to the challenges of the project, providing timely deliverables even in extreme situations where deliverables and requirements had not been properly defined or missing.

Eway has proven to have wide experience in the variety of products and environments needed to fulfill their work.”

Banoba Ezra,

Bans ltd