Software | App Development and Support

E-way has a team of software and application and systems developers who build lasting and user friendly software for your business needs. whether desktop or online applications we design it all and are ready to meet your different software functionality needs.

Examples of software systems that we develope

  • Inventory/stock management software
  • Decision Support software
  • Human resource and Management software
  • Tracking and Monitoring software
  • Hospital/clinic Mgt software
  • Receipting/invoicing software
  • Loan management software
  • Budget and financial planning software
  • And many others

Software Support

E-way provides clients with support through a support help desk on any technicality issues, we also provide on site support in case a client wants to upgrade or change a some functionalities and software services at the premises

Our customer’s feedback

“Eway has provided highly user friendly and efficient software, and provided reliability and support to technicalitie.

I thank the e-way S&I Technologies team for making Business management and documentation easy through the ICT platform”

Dr Nkunda Ephraim,

Kanaba Finance Association