Bulk sms Platforms

E-way has developed an online bulk sms platform SmsE-way The system provides e-way clients with an oportunity to grow there businesses through sms notifications/ advertising to there business customers. the system is fast, instant, reliable and secure. all a client has to do is signup for an account and get free credits for testing on http://sms.ewaysystems.net

Benefits of having a bulk sms platform with e-way

  • Up to 100% profit making for resellers
  • Instant Messaging
  • Cheap and easy to use
  • Access of file to sms
  • Customizable sms
  • online support
  • instant credit loading


Our customer’s feedback

“Eway has provided highly user friendly and efficient bulk sms software, and provided reliability and support to technicalitie.

I thank the e-way S&I Technologies team for making Business management and documentation easy through the bulk sms platform”

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