Process and Quality

Since 2011 E-ways corporate-wide quality management system is certified to comply with the ISO- standards, ensuring that the company standards and processes are defined and constantly improved to deliver the best possible results in every project.

The qualification of the involved specialists is a critical success factor in every project. However, it is also a defined process and effective mutual workflow with the client that are crucial for the quality of the deliverables and overall success of a software development, IT solutions outsourcing project.

Quality is a manifold notion within the software development services. E-way Tech defines and optimizes the distributed development process from the three fundamental perspectives:

  1. The quality of technical implementation and compliance with the IT solutions requirements;
  2. Efficiency of the project organization and communication;
  3. Linking and optimizing processes between the client and E-way Tech.

The synergy of these three elements is the e-way Tech concept for a lasting and effective cooperation with the highest quality of software development services.

Process & Quality

Quality of Technical Implementation

The quality of project deliverables can be ensured only through a defined and constantly monitored and improved development process. E-way Tech uses Open-Up as initial framework for the development process definition, to ensure high quality of the source code and documentation. The following quality assurance measures are used:

  1. Requirements review and test-traceability
  2. Architecture and Design reviews
  3. Automated static code analysis and inspections
  4. Peer code reviews
  5. Test-driven development (Unit-Testing and Continuous Integration)
  6. Functional, Performance, Configuration and Stress Testing

Efficiency of Project Organization

Project goals cannot be effectively reached without effective project organization and communication between the participants. E-ways Project Management Office (PMO) is the internal organizational body responsible for deployment of a corporate-wide standards and best practices; ensuring transparency and manageability of every project:

  1. Reviews and standardization of project artifacts
  2. Project planning and reporting within MS Project Server enterprise platform
  3. Establishment of integrated project communications (if required, also with the help of eway Project Managers onsite at the client’s premises)

Optimization of the Mutual Workflow

Whether the client already has a standard procedure for the integration of new suppliers, or makes a first attempt of working with an external outsourcing provider, the integration of a new partner is always an important and challenging step for both sides.

In every project the mutual workflow between the partners must be defined and remain transparent. e-ways experience in the software outsourcing business has proved that no implementation method by itself is a one-fits-all solution for every project goals, budget and timeframe.

With our every new client, as well as with the existing partners, eway brings in experience of its intellectual capital with the best approaches to project organization and possible impacts on the existing business processes of the client.