Software | Hardware Consultancy And Sales

E-way provides various IT solutions including IT hardware, software, and networking equipment. e-way also provides a technical team for installations, support and maintanace

Some consultancy services include:

  • Computer Networks
  • On site System administration Support
  • Preventive Maintanance on hardware and software
  • IT Project management

Networking and IT hardware

E-way partners with the big global IT equipment manufacturing companys to provide you with the best IT hardware and Networking equipment.

We also provide you with a reliable and professional Technical Team to help you or your business in service support.

Software sales and Support

E-way again partners with leading software companies and brands to provide you with already made appliction or system software, to help run or support your business effectively. with this we provide fair prices and Technical support on selected software

Our customer’s feedback

“Eway has provided highly trained staff, and kept awareness of their performance in the project collaborating closely with project management.

Eway has had capacity to adapt to the challenges of the project, providing timely deliverables even in extreme situations where deliverables and requirements had not been properly defined or missing.

Eway has proven to have wide experience in the variety of products and environments needed to fulfill their work.”

Mr Mbaye,

Ecu Consultants Canada